Magical Street
Welcome to "Merlin's Street" a street many would find weird, many would maybe even fear, and others don't see anything different there. Magical shops, talking cats, angry trees, ghosts and everything in between and more you can find here.
If you look for new furniture that brings luck or if you are looking for a feeling in a bottle, a magical artifact or simply some delicious bakery goods, you will find everything find in this street, from every day goods to the supernatural needs.

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Potion making Doll

A Human made doll, which can use magic and create Potions of every and any kind!

Owns a Potion Store


Archangel on the run

The Archangel of Art and Beauty that fell in love with humanity and left heaven to become one of them.

Works at a Cafe


Prof. Dr. Andrew
Oddball Book Lover


The owner of a Bookstore that not only sells every book ever written in any world, but actually is able to travel through the worlds of books.

Owner of a Bookstore


Cat Familiar

Once upon a time he was the familiar of Merlin, but when he died Jean never looked for a new Master and instead founded Merlin's street.

Club Owner


   ”I’m… Flattered.” And half skeptical too; or at least confused. Regardless, wearing his signature half smile, the Prince ran a hand through his raven-haired mess. 


   ”—And you’re sure that’s…

    “Hehe~” the young woman seemed so proud, really happy about it that Philip liked it, only half registering that he was still slightly confused.


    “Hu? Why should it be dangerous? More princy people is good.. right? Princes are always good guys!”

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    “Uh … you have like … a leaf … right— here. Lemme get it.”


"Mhm?" She was a bit confused at first but kept unmoving before a chuckle fell from her lips.


"Thank you…. ah but maybe instead I should collect more and make an autumn leaf crown?"

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❝ Jean: “Don’t let them in.” ❞


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        "Don’t let who in?"


"Well.." he started, grinning slightly nervous while leaning against the door with his back, making certain it was closed.
"Hard to explain… calling them just /them/ sounds probably less crazy to you then anything else…”




    [Not even going to finish the statement. It was useless. There was no one there and there was no one to reply. They were all a lie anyways. So why bother? He was more than likely going to get thrown into a padded cell.

     Everything about the mercenary was hanging onto that broken syllable. He was ready to let go and just accept fate for what it was.]


     "I didn’t even say anything.. unless you are a mind reader then.. woah learn about personal space, dude…"

    [He probably hadn’t been really there a moment ago.. or well he had been, or rather a black cat with haunting blue eyes had watched the man from the exact same place Jean was standing no.

    The other seemed interesting.. disturbed.. and other people being disturbed kept him thinking about himself, so interesting and disturbing was good.]

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A bam, the sound of glass shattering and the sound of a woman shrieking was all what was heard from outside.

And inside, Jean in his human form  looked down at the clumsy redhead that was laying face first on the floor before he slowly sunk down to his knees to fall to the side himself, just.. laying there.

"Jean w-what are you doing?" the redhead asked, as the familiar just shrugged as an answer.
"I’m a gentleman I can not let you flop on the floor alone.."
”..Usually gentlemen help a lady up.. you are just lazy again..”
"Maybe.. and maybe you should get up.."
"Too embarrassed to want to move.."
"I hate you…" she grumbled, turning her head towards him, while he just grinned widely.
"No you don’t dolly~" More grumbling was the only reply he got.


Suddenly the young man sat up, gasping for air, blue eyes wide in shock, horror even. Slowly he calmed himself down, realizing it just had been a dream, wiping with one hand over his face, closing his eyes for a moment.
He hated being tied to mortal things like nightmares, like memories.. living for a very, very long time like he did, did not only have good sides.

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Welcome to Merlin’s Street~


Whatever time or year it is, whatever city or world it is you had been in before, stumbling through the streets of a city or turning around the corner of a village or town, you somehow found into the magical street.

Maybe You actually weren’t even close to any kind of city, but suddenly the nature hand changed into a beautiful garden, into a park and finally a door had lead you into the shopping mile.
However you found there.. you did it.

At first it seems like any normal place, there are people of many different kind, most seem normal. But a few are a bit odd.. but even that is normal in a busy street, right?

Where will you go? The Bookstore, with more rooms and books a human can count? X X

The Potion Store… Potion Store? Can such a thing be even real? X X

Or is it the Cafe you will be drawn to? //Special fate menu today! Have good luck for a week!// Seems normal.. but then again what a weird advertisement. X X

Or is it in the end the night club you will enter? A Cat and a wizard’s hat on the sign.. Merlin’s Den… X X

Or is it The Lost garden that attracts your attention? Simply strolling through the beautiful place and seeing who you will meet? X

Wherever you go, know you were chosen to even find this place~