Magical Street
Welcome to "Merlin's Street" a street many would find weird, many would maybe even fear, and others don't see anything different there. Magical shops, talking cats, angry trees, ghosts and everything in between and more you can find here.
If you look for new furniture that brings luck or if you are looking for a feeling in a bottle, a magical artifact or simply some delicious bakery goods, you will find everything find in this street, from every day goods to the supernatural needs.

{Disclaimer: Independant Roleplay blog All characters are my own creation, and are used for independent rping, open for all fandoms and all kind of characters.
I am not the faceclaims I am using and I do not own any gifs. }

Potion making Doll

A Human made doll, which can use magic and create Potions of every and any kind!

Owns a Potion Store


Archangel on the run

The Archangel of Art and Beauty that fell in love with humanity and left heaven to become one of them.

Works at a Cafe


Prof. Dr. Andrew
Oddball Book Lover


The owner of a Bookstore that not only sells every book ever written in any world, but actually is able to travel through the worlds of books.

Owner of a Bookstore


Cat Familiar

Once upon a time he was the familiar of Merlin, but when he died Jean never looked for a new Master and instead founded Merlin's street.

Club Owner

by agashan

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